Class policies

Pre-registration is required for all of our classes and workshops. In order to hold your spot, you must pay your tuition in full.


We know life happens, so refunds are available up until one week (7 days) before a class or workshop begins. After that, the class is set and we do not offer refunds.

Class cancellations

If a class is canceled due to low enrollment, you will be given a full refund. If a class is canceled mid-session due to an emergency, you'll be given the option of a pro-rated refund for the cancelled classes if we can't reschedule the class in a way that works for everyone.

Safer Spaces Policy

The Living Room intends to be an inclusive environment for everyone regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, physicality, disabilities, age, religion, or marital status. We ask that all who come to The Living Room follow these guidelines to help create a welcoming space for everyone:

  • Respect physical and emotional boundaries
  • Respect differing opinions, beliefs, and perspectives
  • Be responsible and accountable for your words and actions
  • Get explicit consent before touching anyone or taking anyone’s photo

Additionally, we expressly prohibit:

  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance, and all other forms of discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Disrespectful or disruptive behavior
  • Theft of money or property
  • Physical, verbal, or mental abuse or intimidation
  • Drug or alcohol use on the premises

While we make some effort to preemptively thwart issues, classes and events at The Living Room are not pre-screened or censored, and we cannot guarantee the absence of troublesome or upsetting content or participants. If you encounter a problem, please talk to us so we can investigate and take action.

The Living Room reserves the right to ask anyone in violation of our safer spaces policy to reconcile their behavior or be asked to leave. Thank you for your support in making The Living Room a nice place to be.


We reserve the right to ask you to leave a class or workshop at any time. The most common reasons for this would be abusive behavior, aggression, drunkenness, etc., however expulsion is at the discretion of the teacher and/or director, and may happen for any reason we think appropriate. If asked to leave, you'll be given a pro-rated refund for unattended classes.

Questions? Contact us.